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Facebook App APK Download for android

Facebook is the globally acclaimed and widely used social networking application which allows you to share your experience and chat with your contacts online. Initially, Facebook was only available for the PC users, but the developers have introduced the mobile version as well. Now, most of the Android Smart Phones come with Facebook App pre-installed. The mobile version of Facebook comes with many great features which simplify your social networking experience. At the top section of the application is the search feature that allows you to search for any users with their names. Beneath it you will see the icons of several features including the news feed, notification icon, messaging, menu and more. From its menu option you can access the profile and account of the users and for messaging or chatting with your contacts you can make use of the Face-book Messenger.

Facebook App guarantees to make your sharing and messaging experience remarkable and easier. You can share your experience, photos and even comment on posts of others. This social networking application allows the users to stay in touch with their friends and family across the world. It comes with a notification feature which notifies you whenever a message is delivered or a post is uploaded by your contacts. It also provides you notification about the latest updates and comments that were made by other users in your posts. The application also works as a backup of your photos, posts and uploads. It also allows you to view the aired videos live from your profile.

What are the Benefits of Facebook?

  • It comes with the same features as Facebook on PC
  • It enables you to share updates including videos and photos with ease
  • It is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices
  • It comes with a remarkable notification feature to keep your update

Drawbacks of Facebook

  • It has a separate application for chatting and messaging with your contacts
  • The URL is not previewed

How to Make Use of Facebook?

Facebook is the mobile application for social networking and to make use of it you need to complete the login process. You are required to create a username and password which you need to use every time you attempt to login or access your social profile on Facebook. After successful login you need to go to the profile section and upload your recent photo as profile picture and update the status of your profile as per your preference. Once you go live all your contact list from the device will be fetched by the application and you can add as many friends as you want and start chatting with them online through Facebook Messenger.

All updates and photos that you share can be viewed by your friends and contacts and they may also comment on your shares and images. You can also choose the name of contacts with whom you want to share the posts and also tag the recent updates with your contact list as per your preferences.

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