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5 Best music without wifi apps for Android

We all love to listen to music and there is no better experience for a music lover to have free and unlimited access to their favourite songs. There are many free music streaming applications which music lovers would love to have in their Android device. Today every mobile is having internet access and with the use of Wi-Fi or mobile data they can stream online music. But it consumes lots of data and when your phone is not connected to data or Wi-Fi, you won’t be able to access to your favourite songs. So, to overcome from such problems and give you free access to your favourite music many new applications were launched that help you to listen to music without Wi-Fi or internet connectivity. Below is the list of applications that you to Listen to Music Without Wi-Fi.


Groove is the application for free music streaming without Wi-Fi and this application is designed by Microsoft. This application allows you to stream music without internet connectivity or Wi-Fi. This application runs both on Android and iOS device. This application supports two storage services that are Microsoft OneDrive and DropBox and all the music files can be stored in these storages and access it directly from Groove App. You don’t have to store the music files anymore in the device storage. You can easily access to these files from anywhere and enjoy streaming music without Wi-Fi


SoundCloud is another popular music streaming application that lets you to upload all your favourite music files in it. The upload includes the tracks for different artists, your own tracks, mixes and more. You can create your own playlists which you can select to listen to as per your mood. This is the largest music repository today that has features which suggest you the music as per your likes and dislikes and listening habits. The application free to use and it also comes with a search option that lets you to search your favourite music to listen without Wi-Fi.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the music streaming service that was launched by Google and all Android device come with this service pre-loaded. Google Play Music allows you to listen to all the sound tracks that are saved in your device and it needs no internet or Wi-Fi. The prime attraction of this service is that it comes with in-built radio service which you can use to listen to your favourite radio station in your own language, categories, activity and mood.

It also allows you to browse the latest tracks and music as per your taste and top sound tracks that are stored. It helps you to create your own playlist and large library of sound tracks of different genre.

Spotify Music

This is another popular music streaming application that is designed for music lovers who want to listen to music on mobile without Wi-Fi. This application is totally free to download on PC and you need to pay small charge to download it on your Android device. But there is also a free version for mobile which you may download, but you are likely to get annoyed with the ads that pop-up. This is the music streaming application that lets you to create your own playlists of favourite songs and also choose the songs by the name or artists.


Deezer is the best music streaming application for Android users which allows you to choose the music genre and listen to music accordingly without internet. Choosing the genre of your choice helps the application to find and provide you music of your interest. It also allows you to tune into a variety of international radios. This application filters and delivers only those music you love to listen. You can find music and listen to it regardless of Wi-Fi or internet connectivity. It also allows you to download the music to stream it offline.

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