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Download Google Chrome : Fast & Secure Browser APK Latest Version

Google Chrome is the web browser by Google which comes with features to deliver secure and fastest web browsing experience. Google Chrome browser is available both for PC and Android devices and some of the modern day Android Smartphone models come with pre-installed Chrome Browser. The Android Google Chrome APK is designed to deliver you easy and fastest browsing experience. It comes with customized news articles, quick links for your favorite sites, Google search, downloads and even built-in translate feature. The latest version of Chrome APK also allows the users to download content directly on their Android device from the web browser and enjoy browsing experience at lightening fast speed. The Chrome APK also offers synchronize features that enable the users to make use of same browser on multiple devices simply by signing in to access the bookmarks, passwords and other settings. There are lots more to explore with Chrome APK. Download today to experience the following benefits.

Highlights of Google Chrome APK for Android Device

  • Fastest Browsing with Minimal Typing – The latest version of Google Chrome APK allows you to access the previously visited webpage and related topics with its personalized search results instantly. Moreover, the search engine comes with auto fill ability so the need of typing is minimal
  • Syncing Devices – The Google Chrome APK allows you to provide permission for all bookmarks, open tabs, speed dial shortcuts from other device simply by signing into the account
  • Browsing Privately – The Google Chrome APK comes with incognito mode which allows you to browse internet privately. You don’t have to worry about saving your browsing history also
  • Latest News – The latest Google Chrome APK provides news platform so as to review the interest and latest news going on across the globe. You can choose across categorizes of your interest and get regular updates and news on the topics that are relevant to you.
  • Fastest Downloads – The latest version of Google Chrome APK enables the users to download the content directly. It has separate section of downloads in the settings from where you can check the progress of the download with one tap. Downloading is made possible right inside the Chrome APK and you can access the downloaded files from the download folder of the browser
  • Voice Search – The Google Chrome APK also supports voice search. This is the fastest way to search for anything without typing the keyword manually. You can go hands free with the feature and search for any content without typing it manually.
  • Built-in Image Search – This is the feature that you can use to search for any image by pasting the image in the web image option and this is the fastest thing to search for a image online

How to Download Google Chrome APK?

As already mentioned, Chrome APK come pre installed on many Smartphone today and you are not required to look for Google Chrome APK Download. However, the other options to download the Chrome APK on your Android device are through Play Store. The Google Play Store has latest version of Google Chrome APK from where you can download the APK on your Android device.

You would require having the Google Account to successfully install the latest version of Chrome APK on your Android device. You need to login to Play Store and search for Chrome APK latest version manually and download the APK file. The installation will take place automatically. Once the installation is over you can launch the browser on your Android device and enjoy fastest browsing experience with the Google Google Chrome APK.

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