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An Overview on Google Play Services

Google Play Services is the service by Google that is known to update the Google Apps and the Apps at Google Play Store. This application is actually designed to perform more core functionalities like authentication to the Google Services, access to all latest user privacy settings, synchronized of contacts, lower powered location based services and more. This application enhances the overall application experience and accelerates the offline searches for the users, while providing them with immersive maps and improvises the overall gaming experience on the Android. This is the essential application for downloads through Google Play Store and uninstalling it may cause damage to your preinstalled applications. Some of the applications may also not work if you uninstall this application from your Android device.

How Does Google Play Services Work?

Google Play Services is the client library that comes with the interface to individual Google services and it allows gaining authorization from the users to have access to the services with the used credentials. Google Play-Services comes with APIs which are used to solve issues related to runtime like disabled, missing or out dated Google Play Services APK. This client library also comes with the light footprint which is used as ProGaurd which is the part of the build process. So, this won’t have any negative impact on the app’s file size.

If the users are intending to access the added features or any other products, they need to upgrade Google Play Services to the newer version of the client library whenever they are launched or released. But, upgrading of the Google Play Services is not always necessary, especially if you don’t care about any new feature or fixing the bugs in your device. It is suggested to all Android users to add Google Play Services into their device so as to get regular updates.

The Google Play Services APK

The Google Play-Services APK comes with individual Google Services and it runs at the background of the device. All the background services can be accessed through the client library only and the services would perform the relevant actions on user’s behalf. Convenient and easy authorization flow is also offered so as to gain access to each of the Google Services in your device and this offers consistency for both the users and library.

The Google Play Services APK is delivered via Google Play Store and hence the updates to the services are not actually dependant on the OEM system or carrier. The Android devices that are running on the API level 14 or above or later have the Google Play Services app installed which would help the device to gain updated in few days. This will help the Android users to access the latest APIs in their respective Google Play Services and reach the largest number of Android device in the Android ecosystem. The Android devices older than 4.0 won’t have Play Store preinstalled and may not support it at all.

What are the Benefits of Google Play Services?

The Google Play Services APK gives the users with the benefits and freedom to make use of latest APIs popular for their Google Services without the need of the device support. The updates from the Google Play Services would also be distributed evenly and automatically by Play Store and the latest version of the client library would be delivered via Android SDK Manager. This actually makes it really easier for the users to focus on what is important for user’s experience.

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