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Enjoy Fastest Browsing with Opera Mini APK Download

Opera Mini is the renowned and globally acclaimed fastest mobile browser that uses the Opera server so as to compress the websites to support them load faster, thereby enhancing the speed of overall browsing. This is the use mobile browser to save time and data. The interface of the mobile browser is not elegant and captivating, but it is compensated by its offerings and services and superb usability. The browser comes with built-in feature to support pinch zoom and it has many tactile shortcuts, thereby making browsing easier and faster for users. The latest version of Opera Mini comes with an Opera Link service which can be used to sync the bookmarks, general settings, shortcuts so that it would look the same on desktop PC and on your mobile device alike. This is the most useful feature for both PC and Mobile users.

Prime Highlights of Opera Mini!

  • Fastest Browsing – The latest version of Opera Mini APK comes with the capability to offer you fastest browsing speed. Even the content heavy webpage can be loaded faster regardless of its image count and graphics. The browser uses Opera Server to compress the data at a blazing speed and deliver you the benefits of fastest browsing on your Android device
  • Saves Data – The Opera Mini browser has the benefits to offer you fastest browsing and it also minimizes the data usages up to 90%. It uses about 10% of mobile for browsing.
  • Navigation and Controls – The latest version of Opera Mini has larger buttons and clear layout which make it easier for users to navigate the menu and controls with ease. The navigation keys are also very responsive which responses well.
  • Socializing – The latest version of Opera Mini comes with auto support for a variety of social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It allows you to share your experiences and content directly through social media from the browser with ease. It allows you to download any type of file and content and share it through social platforms or store in into the device.
  • Safe Browsing – Opera Mini browser focuses primarily on safety and security of the users and hence they have a robust security and data privacy methods which assure secure browsing on internet through Opera Mini.

How to Download Opera Mini on Android?

Opera Mini can be downloaded easily from Google Play Store and you are required to have Google Account to download it form the play store. However, if you are not interested in using Play Store for downloading the browser, then there is a alternative to download the APK file from third party sources online.

  • Enable the “Unknown Source” option from “Settings” of your device
  • Now download the latest version of Opera Mini APK file from third party sources online
  • Click on “Download” button to start the downloading process
  • Store the downloaded APK file on the SD card of your device
  • Click on the APK file to extract the .exe files and click on “Install” button
  • The installation will start and this may take little time to get installed.

Once the installation is over, you can launch the Opera Mini browser and start browsing at rapid pace, while saving data

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