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UC Browser Mini APK Download for android

UC Browser Mini is the lightweight version of original UC Browser and considered to be the best alternative to all other browsers found on Android devices today. It comes with a simple interface and fastest browsing capabilities. It is the lightweight and fast web browser designed to bring out the ultimate performance of web browsing while using minimal resources of your mobile device. UC Browser Mini is just 2.5MB package which includes all that you need for a fastest and comfortable browsing experience. This mini version of UC Browser is designed mainly for the lower end Android devices with restricted storage spaces and minimal hardware support. The interface of the browser is sleek and user-friendly and all controls are easily accessible and consume very minimal Android system resources, thereby making it the best browser for Android with limited resources and hardware.

Highlights of UC Browser Mini APK

  • Tiny Size – As mentioned, UC Browser-Mini is very lightweight and small in size which only consumes 2.5MB of resources from your mobile device. Besides being tiny in size it has fastest browsing capabilities with faster downloading speed. Installation is also very easy and simple. Since it consumes very less space, installation won’t be a hurdle for any Android devices with minimal resources.
  • Navigation Cards – The UC Browser Mini comes with different navigation cards that offer the users with the services and local content like videos, cricket, and more on the navigation. There are special icons for navigation that can be placed on the home screen itself to open specific page directly.
  • Fastest Browsing – The UC Browser Mini is globally acclaimed for its fastest browsing capacity. The application consumes very less space and delivers you to enjoy fastest browsing speed. Browsing is flawless and better and never hampers the overall performance of your Android device. It also saves data of your carrier too.
  • Fastest Downloading – Another great thing about UC Browser-Mini is that it supports smart downloading of content. It allows you to download several files at rapid pace and consumes very minimal time for downloading content because of its fast speed for downloading content. This is the great feature for people who often prefer downloading content online
  • Incognito Mode – This is the best feature for protecting your privacy. This is the mode where users can browse and delete all their browsing history from the browser so that no other people can know what you did in your last browsing session with UC Browser Mini. So, you can browse freely now with UC Browser Mini without the tension because no one will come to know what you have browsed in your last session because of incognito mode.
  • Gesture Control – UC Browser Mini delivers with the benefit to control the videos with gestures. You change brightness level, control videos and even control volume with gestures

How to Download UC Browser Mini APK?

UC Browser Mini is the officially available application on Google Play Store. So, interested users can download and install UC Browser Mini on their respective Android device directly from the Google Play Store. They would require Google Account to download the application from Play Store. If you don’t have Google Account, then ensure to make use of alternative to download UC Browser Mini on your Android device.

  • Enable the “Unknown Source” option from the system Settings
  • Download the latest version of UC Browser Mini on your Android device
  • Extract the APK files and click on “Install” button
  • Complete the installation and you can start browsing faster with the newly installed UC Browser Mini

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