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YouTube App APK Download for Android

YouTube App Overview: YouTube is the video hosting and music streaming application which is considered to be the home to millions of video clips, videos and more. Everyday millions of video clips and videos are uploaded on this application which can be viewed online through your YouTube App. This official video hosting application gives you quick access to all its featured videos and from its search bar you can quickly find the videos of your choice. YouTube comes with a user-friendly interface that is perfect adapted for touch screen as well. So, this signifies that YouTube App can also be used on varied platforms including Smartphone. YouTube videos can be played online and at the background of the screen so that you can stream and enjoy music while performing other tasks with your device.

YouTube keeps on updating their database on regular basis so that its users can get access to the latest videos and clips daily. Moreover, to access all its benefits it is necessary that you update your existing YouTube App with the latest version of the application. The application uses WebM, Adobe Flash Video and H.264/MPEG-4 AVC technology to deliver you video content on multiple platforms. The application is designed in Java, Python and proprietary JavaScript and it has diverse localized versions in over 80 countries and territories.

What Makes YouTube App so Popular?

YouTube is the video sharing and streaming application which is free to use and download. Almost all the Android device today comes pre-loaded with YouTube App and for PC users there is YouTube Website which they may access to stream videos and clips online. It uses internet or Wi-Fi to deliver you video content on your device for free. Below are some of prime highlights of YouTube-App which worth mentioning.

  • YouTube App comes with search bar that lets you to search your favorite videos and topics right from its home tab
  • It has the logo design and header which is regularly updated
  • The latest version of YouTube-App allows the users to control the YouTube playback speed of the videos
  • The latest version also comes with the features to download videos right from the application and stream it later offline
  • YouTube-App allows everyone to share their moments and experiences in the forms of video clips and memorable videos
  • YouTube-App allows the users to stream latest videos and clipping of Top Channels and also subscribe the channels for new updates and notifications of videos
  • You can like and comment on all videos that you stream on YouTube-App and this is free for the non-members as well
  • You can share your comments, experiences and shares on all the channels and individual videos
  • Users are also allowed to stream the videos outside YouTube Webesite
  • Uploading of videos and editing of clips and videos with music and filters is also easy with the latest version of YouTube App

Where to Download YouTube App?

All Smartphone users can get their own YouTube App on the home screen of the device. However, if your device comes with no YouTube-App pre-loaded, then you have the opportunity to download and install YouTube App on your device from the respective Play Store or iTunes stores for free.

Android users are required to download the YouTube App on their Android device for free from the Google Play Store, while the iOS users need to visit the Apple Store or iTunes to download the YouTube App on their iPhone or iPad. For PC users, YouTube is available through its official website. So, they can stream videos online right from the official website of YouTube App.


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