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The Goods and Bad of Facebook Lite

Whether it is Twitter, or LinkedIn, every application has its own stripped down version of the standard application and Facebook is no exception. The stripped down version of Facebook is referred as Facebook Lite and as compared to the original version it is much lighter and faster. Launched in the year 2015, Facebook Lite App was only limited to few nations including India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. But owing it its increasing popularity the stripped down version has been introduced to other popular countries such as Britain, France and USA. It is only available for Android devices as no lite version of Facebook has been designed for iOS users.

Facebook Lite App Size and Battery Usages

The prime difference between the original version and stripped down version of Facebook is the app size. The original Facebook App consumes around 58-60MB of your device memory, while the Facebook Lite only consumes 2MB of memory. Since the app size is small, it is very fast to install and it runs smoothly on Android devices with lower RAM and this is the prime catch of the Lite version. It also consumes very less battery compared to the standard version because of its smaller app size.

User Interface

Right from the App icon everything in Facebook Lite is different from its original version. The application comes with different user interface. The standard version has a icon with blue color and the lite version is white and shows up the launcher with name Lite. It has smaller icons and text and it lacks in animations, fancy stuff and heavy graphics which you find on standard version. It gives you a clean and good experience.

Data Usages

Facebook Lite is designed to run smoothly on Android devices with lower RAM and it is also efficient for areas where internet connectivity is poor. The Facebook Lite App runs on 2G speed as well and this reduces the overall app data usages. It removes the unnecessary functionalities in the lite version like it removes images where not necessary to display and also take care of other small things to minimize the data usage. So, it is the smart application for devices with poor internet and restricted RAM speed. It also comes with in-built data usage monitor where you can check the data usages by the app in a month.

App Speed

Facebook Lite version is the stripped down version of original Facebook App and it greater optimization allows the application to load faster than the standard Facebook App. But, individual tasks within the application take a bit time for each action. In the standard version you simply tap on things and the next thing pops-up instantly, but with the Facebook Lite version you need to wait for 2-3 seconds to get it uploaded for you. This is not a big deal indeed, but you will miss the instant transition offered by the standard application of Facebook.

Auto Refresh

Unlike the standard Facebook App, the stripped down version doesn’t support auto load or auto refresh feature. Just similar to that of delayed individual transitions, the Lite version refresh speed is also slow.

In-Built Facebook Messenger  

Since after its launch, the Facebook App has come a long way. Initially the standard Facebook App came with in-built feature of Facebook Messenger. But now it comes as a separate application for messaging with your Facebook contacts. The best thing about the Facebook Lite App is that you are not compelled to download and install the Facebook Messenger separately like the standard Facebook App. The users are allowed to use the built-in messenger for messaging and texting to their friends and it work fine indeed even in slow internet speed. However, the messenger lacks in features like stickers, calling facility and games, but it can do a remarkable job when it comes to send or receive messages from your Facebook Contacts.

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