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Highlights of Snapchat App That You Must Know

Snapchat is the instant photo sharing application that is designed to let you take snaps or pictures from the in-app camera and share it with your friends instantly. Since it is the instant photo sharing application, you can also share the images for maximum of 10 seconds and thereafter it would disappear automatically. The application has no features for saving the pictures captured and viewing of these pictures can be allotted prior to sharing them to the world. Snapchat App has become the top choice for sharing quick snaps with the world. It gives you a new way of sharing pictures and messaging. You need to capture a photo with its in-app camera, send it by adding a caption to it. There are also filters and editing tools available which you can use to add elegance or funny touch to the images before sharing them. Sharing of live events, recordings and also video messages are possible with Snapchat App, but it again disappears without any trace after the set timeline.

What Makes Snapchat App So Popular?

There are many great features of Snapchat App which are worth mentioning here. This is actually a instant snap sharing application which excel in its domain. This application allows you to take pictures and share them instantly or edit it with the editing tools or add stickers to make your picture look unique and real prior to sharing. Live videos and recordings and also voice messages are possible with Snapchat App. Some of the other features of this application include:

  • It allows you to share videos, pictures and recordings for stipulated time period and thereafter it disappears automatically
  • There is a feature integrated in the Snapchat App that lets you know who is capturing or taking screenshot of your images prior to its expiration
  • Snapchat is insanely playful instant video sharing application that lets you to share your creativity and make your friends know how creative and innovative you are.
  • The latest version of Snapchat App comes with Bitmoji that lets you add 3D effects to the images prior to sharing. The Sky Filters paint the sky around you with rainbows, stars and other effects.
  • The application also has creative stickers of friend’s face. You simply need to tap on the scissors inside the sticker menu and make edition as per your needs.
  • You can also open Snapcodes Page in Settings so as to scan the codes that you have saved to the camera roll.

How to Download Snapchat App on your Android Device?

Snapchat App is available officially on the Google Play Store and interested users need to download and install the application legally from the Play Store. However, you would require having Google Account to download it successfully on your Android device.

  • You are required to login with Play Store using your Google Account and by using the Search Bar of Play Store you need to hunt for the Snapchat App
  • Once you find the Snapchat App tap on it from the search result page and the downloading will start automatically. The installation will be done and you will find the icon of Snapchat on the home screen of your device.
  • Register with your phone number and enjoy capturing moments and sharing it through Snapchat App

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