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If you are a Smartphone user, then probably your device might have the popular messaging application called WhatsApp. For those who are still unaware, WhatsApp is the cross-platform mobile messaging application that enables you to exchange text messages without incurring the charges of SMS. This is the mobile application that uses the data connection of your network carrier or Wi-Fi to send or receive messages. It allows you to send unlimited text messages, videos, audio clips, GIFs, images and do lot more for free of cost. The latest version of WhatsApp Messenger App is compatible with all the platforms and operating system including Windows, Symbian, iOS and Android. It also runs on Windows PC now so that you can experience the messaging benefits on your PC now for free.

The Prime Highlights of WhatsApp Messenger App!

WhatsApp Messenger App latest version comes with many new and exciting features which would take you texting experience to new heights. The application allows you to chat and exchange messages individually or in a group. It allows you to create multiple groups with one single account and send messages to the groups without any cost. There are also many other exciting features which are worth mentioning.

No Cost Messaging

As already mentioned, WhatsApp Messenger App incurs no cost for sending and exchanging texts. You can create groups and send messages to multiple people in the group at once without any cost. You can send national and international messages, video files, clips and images at no extra cost. It is totally free and there is no charges for sending or chatting with friendly that are located in foreign nations. It uses only the data of carrier network to send and receive messages and hence no cost is involved.

Unlimited Multimedia Messages

Another captivating feature of WhatsApp Messenger App is its ability to send and receive multimedia messages and files at no cost. You can send and receive images, video, audio clips and even voice notes to your contacts and friends regardless of their geographical locations.

Group Chatting

The latest version of WhatsApp Messenger App also allows you to send messages in groups. It allows you to create groups which can include up to 50 members. So, you can send messages in group at once so that all members can receive the messages in one shot with no extra cost.

Push Notification

The best part of WhatsApp Messenger App is that it sends push notification to your number whenever a new message is delivered. When your WhatsApp Messenger App Account receives a message from a contact of friend it will send you a notification about the received messages.

No Pins, Usernames Required!

WhatsApp Messenger App is the application where no pins or usernames are required. It actually works on your phone number and it integrates seamlessly with the existing address book and phone number.

How to Download and Register with WhatsApp Messenger App?

WhatsApp Messenger App is the officially available messaging application in Google Play Store. You only need a Google Account to login to Play Store and download the WhatsApp Messenger App on your Smartphone. Follow the below steps to successfully download the WhatsApp Messenger App on your Smartphone.

  • Go to the play store of your device and register with play store using your Gmail Account. Without Gmail account you won’t be able to register or download WhatsApp App on your Smartphone.
  • Now from the search bar you need to start your hunt. Type the name “WhatsApp” in the search bar and hit the enter bar.
  • From the search results you need to click on WhatsApp App icon and the downloading procedure would start
  • After downloading the application will start installing automatically. Upon successful installation the shortcut icon of the application would be created on the home screen of your device
  • Click on it to launch it and register. You will be asked to enter your phone number. Ensure to enter the phone number that you are intending to use. An OTP will be sent to the registered number which will be entered automatically by the device. You are now registered and you can use it for sending messages.

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