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Psiphon Pro 200

Psiphon Pro APK is the secure and safe VPN application for all Android devices. It is free VPN App that allows you to connect to all those websites which are blocked and restricted in your state or country. It is the alternate VPN App that helps the users to enjoy secure and safe browsing and surfing of internet. Psiphon Pro APK is not just a VPN app as it is also a browser or network that allows you to connect your device to all open Wi-Fi in a protected manner. It allows you to connect to any restricted or blocked websites with ease. It is the application that helps the Android users to navigate freely online and surf anything which is either restricted or blocked for use. The mechanism of Psiphon Pro APK is very simple and easy and you don’t need any professional skills to operate it. Psiphon Pro APK is the legally available application on Google Play Store and you can easily download it if you have Google Account.

What are the Primary Features of Psiphon Pro APK?

  • Using any open source internet is no longer a hurdle as Psiphon-Pro APK offers you protection to all public Wi-Fi Users. It gives the users with easy access to public network
  • There is no need of any registration, configuration or subscription to use Psiphon Pro APK on your Android device. It is very simple and easy to download and install
  • Psiphon Pro APK is also a smart network which allows the users to choose the automatic selection of the protocols so as to provide them with constructive anticipation each time they use it
  • Psiphon-Pro APK is considered to be the best alternative to all other VPN network apps
  • Psiphon Pro APK also delivers you the feature of traffic tracking that tracks and keeps the records of the traffic. It lets you know the amount of traffic you have used with the in-app traffic tracking feature
  • It allows selecting the protocols automatically and it is absolutely free for your use
  • You can use it for any kind of online websites that are restricted or blocked for your use. It uses random proxies
  • Psiphon Pro APK is available in a variety of languages and it consumes very less storage space and user interface is very optimal and user-friendly

How to Download and Install Psiphon Pro APK?

Well, as mentioned already Psiphon Pro APK is legally available application which you can get to download directly from Google Play Store. However, you are required to ensure that you have Google Account with you to login with Play Store and download the Psiphon Pro APK on your Android device. There is also another alternative to download Psiphon Pro APK on your Android device for which you won’t need Google Account and this is from third party application online. The steps are mentioned below.

  • Enable the option “Unknown Sources” from the settings of your device as without this your device won’t accept downloading from third party websites.
  • Download the APK file of Psiphon Pro and store it in the SD card of your device
  • Extract the .exe files by clicking on the downloaded APK file
  • Now you need to click the “Install” button to start the installation process
  • Once the installation is over you will get a confirmation message and you can now use it on your Android device freely


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