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Xender APK – Share Music & Transfer Files free Download for Android

Sharing files and applications between devices is the common practice that is performed by many users today. From movies to games, APK files to applications, everything is shared between devices today and to make it faster and better Xender APK has been introduced. Xender APK is the most commonly used sharing application that comes with many features to make sharing and receiving a breeze for the users. This application enables the users to transfer files and larger data in matter of second between devices and it is incredibly faster when it comes to sharing files. In place of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, Xender APK makes use of NFC protocol of the devices involved in sharing process and this ensures faster transfer rate up to 40 times faster than normal Bluetooth technology.

Virtually everything from images, to files, contacts to videos and even applications can be shared using Xender APK. However, Xender-APK is easy to use as it comes with simple interface and can be downloaded easily from Google Play Store. There is also other alternative to download Xender APK on your Android device which is mentioned below. But before moving ahead for the downloading process let us check the prime highlights of Xender-APK.

Features of Xender APK!

  • Compatibility – Xender APK is the highly compatible sharing application which works smoothly on a variety of platforms including Windows, iOS and Android. So, it allows you to connect devices from same platform or across the platform to transfer and receive files and data.
  • Connectivity – Xender APK allows you to connect up to 5 devices at a time and share the files in a group. But, all the devices need to be connected to the sender’s device. The rate of transfer would be hampered as it remains the same regardless of the group size and number of devices connected for sharing. It also allows sharing of file from Smartphone to PC via Xender APK.
  • The Transfer Rate – According to the developer of Xender-APK, this sharing application is compatible for sending files at a higher speed which is 200 times faster than conventional Bluetooth methods.
  • No Internet Connection Required – In a bid to share files and data between devices, you are not required to have internet connection. The application uses the NFC protocol of the devices or Hotspot devices to develop connection and sharing files at rapid pace.

Besides, Xender APK also comes with its own file manager which can be used to view, delete and movie files that you have received on your device from others.

How to Download and Install Xender APK?

As mentioned, Xender APK is officially available sharing application on Google Play Store. But to download it from Play Store you would require Google Account which many people may not have. So, in such condition they can opt for the other methods of downloading the Xender APK on their Android device. Below are the steps to follow to download Xender APK on Android without Google Play Store.

  • Go to the settings of your device and scroll down to “Security Settings”. Now you will find the option “Unknown Sources”. You need to tap on it to enable the option.
  • Now you have to go to the reliable source online from where you can get the Xender APK files on your Android device
  • Click on “Download” button to download the APK file on your device and ensure to store the downloaded files on the SD card of your device.
  • Now you need to click on the APK files to extract it and you will see the option of “Install” which you need to click. The installation process would start automatically
  • The installation may take some time and you need to wait till it is completed. Once the installation is over successfully you can start connecting your device with other devices for sharing and receiving files at rapid pace.

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