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Google Play Store is the world of applications that is designed mainly to work on Android Devices. This is the system application that comes built-in in all Android devices. The moment you switch on the newly purchased Android device, you will find Google Play Store available in the menu. However, to make use of it you need to register with it using your Google Account. This account will only activate when you login using your Gmail account. The application gives you access to all legally available applications, games and more. You can download both free version and premium versions of the application from Google Play Store. The interface is also very simple and intuitive which make it easier for everyone to make use of it to get their desired Android Apps.

However, Google Play Store tends to get regular updates which unlock many new features of the application. But, sometime due to software damage the application may not be available anymore. So, in such situation, you need to install it using the APK file. The steps for downloading the Google Play Store using APK file are mentioned below.

How to Download Google Play Store Using APK?

Preparing File Manager Application

File Manager is the by-default application in all Android devices. But if your device is missing File Manager, then you may download the file explorer app. Go to Download folder on your File Manager App and find for the APK file that you have downloaded. This folder may also be available in the internal memory of your device by default. But if you have set it as default download folder, then you may get it on external memory of the device

Run APK File

Now you need to run the APK file by tapping on it. You will get a popped up warning right after you tap on the APK file. This message is to warn you that the application from unknown source is activated. Without getting panic, you need to grant permission to activate the APK file from unknown source by enabling it. Now the APK will start to run

After you are done with the process, the installation of APK will start. It may take some time depending upon the RAM speed of your device. Once the installation is over, you can run the application immediately. After the installation is over, you need to disable the “Unknown Sources” from the security settings of your device. This is important to prevent the unnecessary application to get installed at the background.

Please Note:

The Google Play Store App would require the Google Play Service to work smoothly for operations. So, you need to ensure that the Android device has already installed Play Service App. You also need to ensure that the following applications are pre-installed in your Android device.

  • Google Account Manager
  • Google Services Framework
  • Google Play Services
  • Google Contact Sync

All these applications can be downloaded individually depending upon the Android version you are using. But, before you download these applications you need to closely pay attention to Minimum Android Version or Requirement in the File Information section.

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