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Pokemon GO Game on Android Without Rooting

Pokemon GO is the popular adventure game designed specifically for Android users. It got immensely popular soon after its release. Today the world is crazy about this game and it has a larger fan following. It is a kind of addictive game which is simple and easy to play. The game uses the real life locations and by using the real camera of your Smartphone along with GPS it guides you to find the available Pokemon in your location. You need to catch these creatures which are hidden in your area. But, it is quite challenging to find the Pokemons and hence people today make use of Pokemon GO MOD version. This is Mode version of the game which you can download on your phone and enjoy playing it without leaving your house.

What is Pokemon GO Mode Version?

Pokemon GO MOD version is the modified game to play on your Android. This is MOD version is not officially available and hence you need to download the MOD version of the game from third party sources online. The MOD version allows you to sit back at your home and catch the creatures easily. You don’t have to go out for finding the creatures as it will allow you to download the game and play it as per your convenience. You can download the MOD or modified version of the game for free on your Android device.

How to Download Pokemon GO with Rooting Android?

Before you move head and download the Mode version of Pokemon GO App on Android, you need to understand the fact that your Pokemon GO account may get banned. Although it is impossible to detect your account virtually, but it is always a smart movie to stay protected than be sorry later. Below is the step by step guide for downloading the Mode Pokemon GO MOD version.

  • Firstly you need to download and install the original Pokemon GO game on your Android. It is necessary to download the original game from official site before it is being Modified.
  • Now you are required to download the application called FLY GPS. This is the application that allows you to have fake locations along with joystick. This will let you move around while being at your house.
  • After installing both the application you need to go to the “Settings” of the device. Tap on the “Kernel Version” until you get the confirmation that you are now a developer
  • Again go back and opne the “Develop Options” inside the Settings. Tap on “Mock Locations” and you will see a new window that shows FLYGPS. Tap on the FLYGPS option
  • Now you need to go to the “Location Settings” and choose the location with High Accuracy. This will not work if you have enabled the GPS only option in your device. This is why you need to set the FLYGPS app to High Accuracy. This will help you to unlock the location of the Pokemon GO. You also need to ensure that Location History is enabled
  • This is all you need to do with the settings part. Now launch the FLYGPS app from app drawer and you will find a map, move to the location where you want to modify the game and tap on the map option.
  • You need to select the menu and click on “GPS Service Run” and the “Joystick Location Mode”
  • You will receive a new pop-up message saying that spoofing is successful. Now you simply need to open the Pokemon GO game on Android device and you will see that you are on the location that you have selected in FLYGPS map. Use the joystick to move around and catch the creature in the game while being on your couch.


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